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Thursday 8 May 1930, The Sydney Morning Herald


Three oil paintings have been presented
to the Education Department for display at
the Armidale Teachers' College by Mr Howard
Hinton, one of the trustees of the National
Art Gallery. The first, entitled "The Lock
Gates," is by Adrian Stokes, R.A., a distin-
guished landscapist well represented in the
galleries of Europe and America. The other
works are "The Call of the Drum," by Miss
Mary Tindall Atkinson, hung "on the line"
in last year's London Royal Academy, and
"The Cornish Coast," by John Mogford, a  
well-known exhibitor in the 1860's at the
Royal Academy.

Tuesday 8 July 1930, The Sydney Morning Herald


Mr. Howard Hinton has presented the Armi-
dale Teachers' Training College with five valu-
able pictures. They are:- "A Tasty Dish"
(A. D. Mccormick, R.I.); "Happy Thoughts"
(Albert Lynch); "The Loch Gate" (Adrian
Stokes, R.A.) ; "The Call of the Drum" (Maud
Tindal Atkinson) ; and "Flowing Tide" ( John
Mogford). A number of valuable etchings have
also been received by the principal (Mr. C. B.
Newling), in addition to some fine woodcuts.
Copies of "Menin Gate at Midnight," and
"The Immortal Shrine" have been presented
by local citizens.

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