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Armidale to get more power

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Saturday 19 October 1946, The Sydney Morning Herald

ARMIDALE, Friday. - To sup-
ply the increasing demand for
electricity Armidale City Council
will buy a 1,000-horse-power Diesel
generating unit to operate until its
new hydro-electric plant is built.

The Diesel unit will cost about

The hydro-electric plant being
built is at the Styx River east of
Armidale. It is not expected to  
be generating electricity inside three
years. The maximum capacity of
the present plant with all units run-
ning is about 1,300 kilowatts.

Because of the condition of some
of the units of the present plant and
the shortage of engine fitters it is un-
likely that all of these will be running
in the near future.

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