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Decentralisation Commission heading for Armidale

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Monday 1 August 1910, The Sydney Morning Herald

ARMIDALE, Saturday.  

A well-attended meeting of the Armidale
Railway League was held, to take steps to
collect evidence to place before the Decen-
tralisation Commission when visiting Armi-
dale next month. Various speakers supported
the action taken by the Mayor, and decided
on the preparation of the strong claims of
the district. The following committee was
appointed :- The Mayor, and Messrs. Kearney,
Braund, Jones, Geldard, and Henry.

INVERELL, Saturday.

Messrs. McLean, Rush, and Muirhead, dele-  
gates from Coffs Harbour, addressed a meet-
ing to-day, setting forth the merits of Coff's
Harbour as a port for northern N.S.W. The
Mayor presided.

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