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For Sale: The Station of “Marouan”

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Friday 8 July 1853, The Sydney Morning Herald

In the New England District, together with
about 5000 SHEEP.

MR. MORT has received instructions to sell
by public auction, at his Rooms, Pitt-street,

THE STATION OF MAROUAN, with about 5000 Sheep.

The Station of "Marouan" is situated in  
the Beardie district, New England, about 42
miles from the township of "Armidale," on the
Mail Road to the Darling Downs and Moreton
Bay Districts.

are of a high character, being well watered
and capable of carrying 10,000 sheep. It is
bounded by the well known stations of Messrs.
Everett, Wauchope, Boyd, and others.

are all fine woolled and perfectly sound, and
principally the X Y Z stock, the wool of
which is so celebrated.

They are mostly young sheep, and the
ewes will lamb in October; a number of the
rams were selected this season by the present
proprietor from the celebrated stock of Wil-
liam Dangar, Esq., and Captain Ditmas, and a
large proportion of the wethers are in excel-
lent condition and fit for market.

which are unusually extensive, comprise
A superior dwelling-house
Detached kitchen and other offices
Overseer's cottage, two gardens
A public store, spacious wool-shed
Stables and groom's hut, excellent stockyard
A grass paddock of 200 acres
Two cultivation paddocks
A blacksmith's forge and hut, and
Shepherds' huts

The dwelling-house is well built, with draw-
ing and dining rooms 16 feet by 15 feet, with
a good verandah, and is well adapted to a
family of respectability, being situated in a
healthy locality and agreeable neighbourhood.
The original cost of the improvements which
have been lately effected was upwards of

well known as the Ben Lomond 8tore, is well
supplied with goods of every description, and
being in a central position on the mail road,
with proper management, the profits ought to
pay the whole expenses of the station.

of the station are first rate, and well adapted
for the growth of wheat and other grain, and
the purchaser, by exeicising his pre-emptive
right to 160 acres, could realize a large profit  
annually by the sale of his farm produce.
The station is well situated for a steam mill to
be erected with advantage.

Mr. Mort begs to direct the attention of  
parties on the look-out for stations and stock
to the desirable investment now offered, and
the certainty of realizing a large portion of the
purchase-money so soon after taking posses-
sion, by the clip of wosl. There can be no
doubt but that shortly stations like this will be
in great demand, as a means of investing
money, and the prices of sheep will increase
with the influx of capitalists, and the tide of

Terms at sale.
This station and stock are sold in conse-  
quence of the projected departure of the pro-
prietor to England.

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