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Saturday 4 June 1864, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser


In our telegram we informed you of the robbery at
Carlyle Gully, a distance of twelve miles from Bendemeer.
It appears from what we have been able to learn that
two men forced an entrance in the night time, and suc-
ceeded in abstracting the sum of £40, the proceeds of a
ball given on preceding evening. How these fellows
managed to obtain the cash box exceeds comprehension.
We have no doubt the police at Bendemeer will endeavour
to unravel the mystery before long. The inmates of the
house were not cognisant of the robbery until the
morning (Sunday).

A fire broke out last night at Mrs. Brown's ; the flames
were extinguished by the police (sergeant Price and
Barry). No loss of life or property. The flames were
extinguished at 3.30 a.m. Strange to say, only the
police heard the screams of the woman.

The case of sheep inspector Husband v. C. D. Fen-
wick, Esq., was brought on, and the bench ruled that
there was no case for prosecution. The Police Magis-
trate of Armidale was on the bench with Messrs. T. A.
Perry and Cheesbrongh, J.P.'s. We believe the prosecution
will again come on in Armidale, on Tuesday next,
in conjunction with another one, Mrs. Anderson of
Byron Plains, for similar infringement of the Scab in
Sheep Act of 1863, section 39. During the proceedings
against Fenwick, his worship T. A. Perry, Esq., J.P.,  
suggested on alteration in the Act - you have doubtlessly
observed the same in the Examiner of Saturday last,
mentioned by its Bendemeer correspondent.

We believe a clue has been discovered as to the perpe-
trator of the late robbery at Carlyle Gully. A man
named Phillip Baddely is suspected, he being
seen late on the night in question near the room.
Last July be was apprehended far stabbing Mick
Sweeney, a notable ; previous to that, stealing a watch.
We have no doubt our police will obtain particulars on
their return.

A mob of 1400 head store cattle crossed the McDonald  
River to-day (Wednesday), en route to Tumut Ward

The weather keeps beautifully fine, only very cold at  
night time. Grass looks pretty well, considering the
frosty weather.

The scarcity of flour still predominates. Storekeepers
are looking anxiously out for their drays.

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