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Sydney to Brisbane flight in nine hours

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Saturday 10 July 1920, The Sydney Morning Herald



At 7.55 a.m. yesterday, in bright sunshine,
an aeroplane gracefully cleared the Mas-
cot aerodrome for a flight direct to Brisbane.
It arrived there shortly before 5 p.m.  

The actual flying time - 7 hours 29 minutes -
constituted a record for the Sydney-Brisbane
direct flight. The train journey from Sydney
to Brisbane is covered in about 28 hours.

Following are the various townships on the
route, and the times at which they were
passed over by the aeroplane:

Singleton, 9.8 a.m.
Muswellbrook, 9.44 a.m.  
Tamworth, arr. 10.56 a.m.; dep., 12.8 p.m.
Armidale, 1 p.m.
Glen Innes, 1.53 p.m.
Tenterfield, 2.30 p.m.
Warwick (Q.), arr. 3.20 p.m.; dep., 3.55 p.m.
Brisbane, arr. 5 p.m.  

Belonging to the Perdriau Rubber Co., the
aeroplane was piloted by Lieut. Butler. The
Flight was made with the dual purpose of
testing the commercial efficiency of the aero-  
plane, and in consequence of the acceptance of  
an invitation from the Brisbane Aero Club
to participate in the welcome to the Prince
of Wales in the northern State. It was the  
first direct flight made by an aeroplane to  
Brisbane. The aeroplane, in addition to car-
rylng a letter from Mr. Storey to the Queens-  
land State Government, conveyed a number
of important business documents to Per-
driau's Brisbane office.

The advertising manager of Perdriau's, re-
ferring yesterday to the flight from a com-
mercial standpoint, stated that it was in pur-
suance of the policy of the company to es-
tablish commercial aviation on a firm basis
in this country that experimental flights by
the company's machines were being organised.
"We are slicking solidly to it," he remarked,
"and so far we have found it distinctly suc-
cessful. So satisfied are we with the venture,"
he continued, "that Mr. Edgar M. Perdrlau,
the managing director of the company, who
is at present in England, has been authorised
to negotiate for the delivery of six more

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