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Thursday 12 December 1878, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser


(From the Glen Innes Guardian, December 6.)      

On Friday last the ceremony of consecrat-
ing the Church of England Cemetery was per-
formed by the Right Rev. Dr. Turner, assisted
by the Rev. Messrs. Cooper and Wilson.
There was only a moderate attendance of the

A boundary rider, at Furracabad, named
Juergeon, was a few days ago thrown from
his horse, and had his collar bone fractured.
A boy named Witherstone had a dray pass
over his body, underneath which vehicle he was
accidentally drawn, breaking his collar bone
and fracturing his arm. A young man named
George Fletcher has been killed by the cap-
sizing of a loaded dray. This unfortunate
accident occurred near Inverell.

(From The Tenterfield Star, Dec. 7 )

On Sunday morning last, the residence of
Mrs. Melville, in Molesworth-street, was for-
cibly entered during the hours of divine
service, and some articles of jewelry stolen.
Mrs. Melville and her daughter left the house
it seemed in the usual manner to attend
morning service, and on their return found
that the door had been forced open, and the
house ransacked. The object of the thief or
thieves had evidently been money, for they
had even searched the pockets of the ladies'
dresses, but not finding any had contented
themselves with taking a few articles of jew-
elry. Another robbery was attempted at
Mrs. Higgins' residence known as the "Pigeon  
House," on the Warwick road. The would
be thief, however, made off on an alarm being
raised. The police have, we understand, got
a clue that it is to be hoped will lead to the
arrest of at least some of the pests.

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