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Thursday 4 October 1900, The Sydney Morning Herald



Sir,—in your issue of September 24 I notice a
report from the "Clarence and Richmond  
Examiner " of a meeting of the Grafton Chamber
of Commerce, at which Mr. Varley, the
president, gave his views on the above railway
routes. Mr. Varley's remarks are very misleading,
and to anyone reading the report they would very
naturally think that the Guyra to Inverell and
Guyra to Coff's Harbour routes were not entitled to
a claim, whereas, these routes really have the first
claim for a railway, which in a small way I will try
and prove.

In the first place Mr. Varley speaks of the return
from the Glen Innes railway station, and compares
it with Guyra. A great proportion (if not the
greatest) of the goods which go to Glen Innes are
for Inverell, Tingha, and other places, which, owing
to the differential rates, go to Glen Innes, and from
thence to Inverell by team. Before the rates were
altered the traffic used to go from Guyra. If a rail-
way was constructed from Guyra to Inverell all the
traffic would go this way, and save the extra 38
miles haulage over the Ben Lomond range. Then
Mr. Varley says: "The true route should
be as straight as possible "(via Glen  
Innes), "the opinion of the Minister."  
With regard to the opinion of the Minister. When a
large and influential deputation waited on Mr.
O'Sullivan during his late visit to Armidale, he  
said he was in favour of a line from Guyra
to Coff's Harbour, and this no doubt will be, or should
be, the line to the coast, and from Inverell to Coff's  
Harbour via Guyra would be as straight as could be
made. With regard to figures given of length
of different routes I won't touch on, except
to say that neither the Guyra to Inverell
nor Guyra to Coffs Harbour routes have
had a fair survey. Mr. Deane (Engineer
in-Chief) when giving his report on the Guyra-In-
verell route says that owing to it not being surveyed
he cannot give a true report, but as the grades are
easier the cost would be less than the Glen lnnes to
Inverell route. The engineers are now surveying
the Coff's Harbour route.

Mr. Varley's report says :—Inverell to Gratton via
Glen Innes, Swanbrook, and Wellingrove,—I don't
suppose there are 20 people hardly at either Swan-
brook or Wellingrove, whereas Guyra to Inverell
passes through Wandsworth, Tingha, Boggy Camp,
Bora, Bundarra, and other places.

In conclusion, a few words re stock on the Guyra
to Inverell, and Glen Innes to Inverell routes.
Between Guyra and Inverell there are no less than
97 graziers owning 371,600 sheep, while along the
Glen Innes to Inverell line there are only 21 graziers
owning 178,100 sheep. I do not include any sheep
from the Inverell district in either of these calcula-
tions. In addition to the 97 graziers there are a great
number of farmers, to say nothing of the mining
industry at Tingha, Bora, and Boggy Camp, who
of themselves would support a railway.

Apologising for trespassing on your valuable space,

I am, e&., A.W.Everett.
September 26.  

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