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Death of Mr. W. A. Dumaresq.

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Tuesday 15 June 1880, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

Death of Mr. W. A. Dumaresq.

(From The Glen Innes Guardian, June 11.)

Surprise was expressed, and much heartfelt
sorrow felt, on it being made known on Tues-
day, that Mr. W. A. Dumaresq, of Furraca-
bad, had died in England some days previ-
ously. Our readers will remember that about
two years ago Mr. Dumaresq, accompanied
by his wife and family, proceeded from Glen
Innes to England. This visit, so we are in-
formed, was made purely on account of fail-
ing health, and it was thought that a visit to
the mother country would bring about a hap-
pier state of things. The result shows that
all hope was vain. During Mr. Dumaresq's
residence in England he was subjected to
much severe illness, and although the services
of the very best medical skill was secured,
no better result than temporary relief
was procured. At times the deceased
gentleman's health showed signs of im-
provement, and when it was known that
these gleams of sunshine had intruded their
joyful presence, hopes were entertained that
we would see amongst us once again one who
was deeply respected by every resident of the
district. But Death has put an end to every
hope, and leaves the community to mourn the
loss of a gentleman who can hardly be re-
placed. Mr. Dumaresq had a large interest
in the colony, and spent the last years of his
life on his station, Furrucabad, near Glen
Innes. During his residence there he took
an active part in every concern of the town,
to secure the welfare of which he freely gave
his money, his time, and his wise counsel.
He was a most active member of our Pastoral,
Agricultural, and Mining Society, and did all
that lay in his power to create a friendly feel-
ing amongst all classes of the community,
and make the Society a benefit and
blessing to the district. He was not
less zealous in managing the affairs
of the local hospital, and it will be long ere
his many generous and noble acts will be
erazed from the memory of the residents of
this district. Every kindness he performed,
and they were numerous enough, was done
in such a way, that the recipient of the char-
ity could not fail in feeling that it was given
with a free heart, and prompted by a noble
generous nature. We never remember living
in any place where a resident was held in
such universal respect as Mr. Dumaresq was by
the residents of this district ; and we never re-  
member hearing so many expressions of regret
at the death of anyone as have been expressed
at his. A deal of sorrow is felt for Mrs.
Dumaresq (the friend and benefactress of
many a poverty-stricken and homeless family
in this district) in her afflictions, and it is  
fervently hoped that she will survive her
great troubles, and again experience a re-
vival of the bright days of yore.

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