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Tuesday 30 November 1915, The Sydney Morning Herald



A conference of delegates to consider the
advisability of entering the Commonwealth
district competition at the Easter Show in
Sydney was held in Tamworth Mr. H. M.
Somer, secretary of the Royal Agricultural
Association, and delegates from Tamworth,
Armidale, and Uralla were present. Mr.

Somer explained that for the purpose of the
competition the State had been divided into
eight districts, and the boundaries of these
districts had, as far as possible, been fixed
in such a manner as to enable one portion of
a district to supply what the other parts
lacked, and so give each district a chance to
show a big exhibit. For instance it had
been found that, under the rules of the com-
petitions, there were certain special sections
in which New England and Lower New Eng-
land were rather weak and the coast dis-
tricts strong. After the last show it was de-
cided to alter the boundaries of the districts
so that they could each be strong in all the
exhibits provided for. This change had prov-
ed satisfactory so far. A lot of societies were
doubtful as to whether they should go in,
but the area was so large that they could
get a good proportion to join in if they had
an organiser. An organiser was necessary in
any district in order to get the help of the
societies and the people of the districts. It
would also be necessary for some centre in  
the district to take up the work of organisa-
tion. If they left it to the societies it would
not be likely to be a success. They felt
that unless they could get a society such as
the Tamworth Society to stand at the head of
the movement in the district, it was likely to
be a failure.

It was resolved that the idea of showing at  
the Royal Show of 1916, considering the bad
conditions and lateness of the season, be
abandoned, but that an effort be made to work
up an exhibit for the 1917 show. It was also
decided to recommend the appointment of an

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