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Tuesday 25 July 1922, The Sydney Morning Herald


KEMPSEY, Monday.

Torrential rain is falling, and as it is just a
year ago since Kempsey's big flood, the public
are much perturbed regarding the discontinu-
ance of weather reports at the post-office.

No information is available beyond Kempsey's
rainfall. The custom of giving information
regarding the conditions at Bellbrook and
further up the river has been discontinued.
The discovery of this fact to-day occasioned
great indignation. The president of the
Chamber of Commerce wired Dr. Page pro-
testing and asking to do his best to have the
reports made available regarding the condi-
tions at Bellbrook, George's Creek, and Armi-
dale. The absence of this information to
people on the lower river is a serious menace,
as with such rain as is now falling, floods are


Owing to the cutting out of the country
weather reports no registrations of falls in
the centres other than Bathurst have been
received at the local telegraph office, caus-
ing considerable indignation, and widespread
complaints at the action of the Federal autho-
rities. The weather reports from the western
and other centres are eagerly looked for
here by pastoralists who have interests in
those distant localities.


As a result of the representations made by
the leader of the Country party (Dr. Earle
Page), to the Minister for Home Affairs (Sena-
tor Pearce), the department, it is stated, has
instructed Bellbrook, on the Upper Macleay, to
send out weather reports to Gladstone, the
centre of the lower Macleay flats, and also to
issue from the Kempsey office hourly bulletins
recording the conditions at Armidale, George's
Creek, and Bellbrook.

Arrangements have also been made for the
temporary resumption of the transmission of
rainfall records from all coastal and highland
stations for the purpose of advising residents
of the areas that might by affected by floods.

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