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Glen Innes to Grafton highway contruction

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Tuesday 8 August 1950, The Sydney Morning Herald


Heavy and modern mech-
anical equipment, like this
diesel shovel, has made pos-  
sible construction of a highway
over 100 miles of mountainous
country between Glen Innes
and Grafton.

Work on the new highway is
well advanced, and when com-
plete will provide a heavy traffic
route from Glen Innes to a new
deep sea port, which is under
construction at Iluka on the Clar-
ence River.

The new highway will shorten
the heavy haulage distance be-
tween Glen Innes and the nearest
deep sea port by 200 miles.

North west traffic will have ac-
cess to the port by the existing
highway which connects Inverell
with Glen Innes.

Government approval has been
given for the construction of a
railway line connecting Inverell
with Glen Innes.

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