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Thursday 10 November 1859, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser


(From the Armidale Express, Nov. 5.)

The Weather.—With the exception of a hailstorm on
Thursday, the weather since our last impression has been
very favourable for the crops—thunder-showers alter-
nating with sunshine, and mild nights. The hailstorm
was heaviest in the direction of Mount Duval, the rush-
ing sound produced by the hailstones coming in contact
with the trees, rocks, and earth being heard distinctly in
Armidale for a quarter of an hour before the southern
flank of the storm spread over the town. We saw a few  
cluster-like stones about the size of a pullet's egg, but
others like marbles were numerous. Owing to the wind
being light, and the comparative lateness of the crops,
we hear of but little damage. We hope that the lambs
on the stations to the North have escaped the greater
violence of the storm in that direction.

Auctioneers Report.—Mr. W. Denton, Armidale,  
reports having sold 60 head of horses, by auction, on the
26th ultimo, at an average of £5 3s. per head. Some
good, unbroken colts brought £25 each. On Wednesday
last he sold Rich's house and land for £140, privately.

Remarkable Fecundity in a ewe. — During the late
lambing at Hillgrove, a ewe had three lambs at a birth.
They are still alive and leaping, and the fond old mother  
seems determined they shall remain thus.  

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