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Saturday 22 November 1856, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser


A gentleman who has had many opportunities, during several years past, for acquiring sound information relative to the auriferous localities in New England, has favoured us with the following particulars, which we doubt not will be found interesting to the public and useful to the miners :—

Rocky River.

The first licenses issued to diggers at the Rocky took place in December, 1858. Since that time, nearly 15,000 have been issued, giving an average of a trifle under 310 per month.

McDonald River.

The McDonald, near Bendemeer, has been prospected to pay about 10s. per day each man. There is no one working there at present.

Carlisle Gully.

This gully has been prospected to pay about 10s. a day per man. No one working there at present.

Tilbuster Creek.

This creek, which is quite convenient to Armidale, has been prospected to pay from 10s. to 15s. per day each man. In 1853 about twenty individuals were working in this locality; but there is no one at present.

Cameron’s Creek.

On this creek, as many as thirty persons, at least, have at different times been working. Generally speaking, the average yield has been considered about 10s. per day each man, but patches paying over half an ounce per diem to each digger have been found. This locality will, in all probability, prove to be alike a rich and extensive gold field. The gold is coarse and scaly.


During the last few months, from 50 to 100, and lately a much greater number of diggers, have been working on this gold field. The average yield is not accurately known, but experienced miners have great faith in its eventually turning out an exceedingly profitable gold field. It is only reasonable to expect, from the number at present there, and which is rapidly augmenting, that the Government should place a force on the field for the protection of the miners, under the charge of a resident commissioner.

Mount Mitchell.

There have been a few parties working here for the last few months. It is not known to a certainty what the average yield has been, but probably from 10s. to 20s. per day.

Glen Elgin.

This is a very promising locality. A few men have prospected there, and state the yield at about 20s. per day each man. The principal difficulty on this field is a superabundance of water, combined with a substratum of sand in many places.


This locality has been very indifferently prospected. It is generally believed that 10s. per day each digger could be readily obtained, with every prospect of a more remunerative field being soon discovered.

Various other localities.

Parties have prospected and found gold at Rock Vale, Ward’s Mistake, Dundee, Salisbury, Yarrowick, and various other localities, not omitting Armidale township, but from a deficiency of particulars that can be depended on, I will not hazard an opinion respecting their auriferous capabilities.

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