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Lost child; night spent in bush.

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Friday 24 June 1927, The Sydney Morning Herald

GLEN INNES, Thursday..

Mr. Allan Bell, who resides with his father
at Mogg's Swamp, beyond Pinkett, was riding
across country to the Williamson homestead
at Mount Slow when he was startled by a
cry which he look to be that of a dingo.
On arrival at Williamson's he was told of a
search that was being made for a nine-year-
old girl, Stella Rafter, who had wandered
from the home of her grandmother, Mrs.
James Williamson, of Mount Slow.

Returning to the locality where he heard
the cry, Mr Bell searched to some hours  
and eventually found the lost child about a
mile away. She had wandered six miles from
her home. Mr. Bell built a fire and made the
girl as comfortable as possible in the shelter  
of a rock. Next morning he put her behind
him on his horse and took her home.

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