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Saturday 22 December 1860, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser



(From the Empire.)

The following is a list of runs in the above district, with the names of their proprietors, according to a parliamentary return ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed, 21st September, 1859. The rent paid for these 7,123,580 acres is £4285 15s, or about half a farthing per acre per year. The amount of reserved land whoch would have been thrown open to free selection, in this district, if Mr. Robertson’s Bill had passed, amounted to about 165,000 acres. A list of the different reserves, with the number of acres in each, is given at foot. There are a few “indefeasible reserves” not included in the following list, but as they are devoted to public purposes they would not have been available for free selection if the Land Bill had become law. We have no means of ascertaining what portion of the reserves has been taken up under the leaseholders’ pre-emptive right-but it is believed that this right has not been availed of to any considerable extent. We give these particulars of the New England and Macleay district in preference to those of others, as it is probable that should a liberal Land Bill be passed in the coming session, a good many persons, in taking advantage of free selection, will turn their attention to that district, from the well-known adaptability of its soil and climate to the purposes of agriculture.

Stations and Owners. Acres.
Auburn Vale, J. Borthwick. 76,800
Aitken's Flat, G. Bowman. 67,200
Abington, W. H. and G. P. Morse. 76,800
Aberfoil, R. N. Clarke. 70,000
Aberbaldie, T. G. Wilson. 17,920
Bellinbopine, A. Chapman. 9,600
Booningli, Messrs, Kemp. 16,000
Barnard River, A. A. Company . 7,680
Barney Downs, T. J. Thompson and T. Symonds. 43,000
Branga Park, R. Dacre and T. Ryan. 17,930
Bald Hills, Mort and Cameron. 76,800
Branga Plains, J. Fletcher. 44,800
Bannockburn, W. Durham. 32,000
Bonshaw. J. H, Keys and W. C. Hetherington. 160,000
Bolivia, E. Irby. 50,000
Byron Plains, M. McIntyre. 115,000
Balabla, Morse and Tourle. 96,000
Boorolong, M. H. Marsh. 81,920
Bergen-op-zoom, E. R. Boulton and D. Bell. 44,800
Bartobrick, W. Clogher. 16,160
Ballindean, H. H. Nicol . 60,000
Blair Hill, J. Dickson. 24,960
Bendemeer, T. A. Perry. 16,000
Buckulls, G. Wyndham. 100,000
Beverly, C. Blaxland and T. Cooper. 80,000
Balblair, E. Atherton. 30,000
Cullatin, H. Salway and R. A. and A. Wauch. 11,520
Corangala, M. Caffrey. 15,360
Cunderang, R. and R. Hill. 40,000
Cullatini, H. Salway. 11,520
Clerkness, E. G. Clerk. 60,000
Clairvaux, P. Ditmas. 28,000
Clifton, S. A. Donaldson. 59,000
Cooplacumpa, H. and R. Denne. 12,800
Cope's Creek, E. Hughes. 26,400
Callaghan's Swamp, G. Loder. 81,400
Coondang, C. Codrington. 640
Congo, A. Nivison. 16,000
Dungee, H. Salwey. 11,520
Dundee, O. Bloxsome. 40,000
Deepwater, A. Windeyer. 50,000
Dondingalong, H. Tozer..,. 2,560
Euroka, W. H. Chapman. 2,560
Elslineur, J. Henderson. 12,000
Elmsmore, A. Campbell. 61,100
Enmore, J. Dickson. 10,000
Edgerton, J. J. Fitzgerald. 64,000
Emu Creek, S. K. Salting and A. Macdonald. 38,000
Eurapambella, F. Huth. 50,000
Fiveday Creek, J. and C. F. Warne. 20,480
Fraser's Creek, Cameron, Tooth, and Holt. 46,000
Falconer, West, I. Hutton. 30,000
Fraser's Creek, R. Vivers. 40,000
Glen Feruaigh, McLennon and Freeman. 15,560
Glenroch Plain, James Verge. 2,560
Glen Innes, J. Dickson and W. Dumaresq. 25,000
Giro Flat, A. A. Company. 9,600
Gostwych, H. Dangar. 50,000
Glen Elgin, A. Rodgers. 30,720
Gyre,C. Marsh. 48,000
Glen Morrison, A. Loder. 34,560
Gyra, M. McIntyre. 19,200
Greenwioh, W. Freeman. 15,000
Glen Lyon, A. Walker. 38,400
Gyra, E. Alingham. 92,160
Guy Fawkes, E. Parke. 25,600
Guy Fawkes, J. Rigney. 16,000
Graham's Valley, W. Boyd. 17,920
Hanging Rock, W. Gray. 9,600
Hernani, E. Hargrave. 37,000
Hillgrove, R. Hargrave. 20,480
Hanin, R. Murray. 11,520
Inverell, A. Campbell. 50,000
Ingalba, J. Scott. 20,000
Jeogola, D. Bell. 32,000
Innes Creek, A. C. Innes. 17,920
Klybucca, C. Spencer. 15,360
Klywotica, C. Lawson. 32,000
Kentucky, J. Fletcher. 40,000
Kingsgate, D. McIntyre. 20,680
Kangaroo Hills, A. and Nicol T. Menzies. 64,000
King's Plains, R. Vivers. 17,920
Long Flat, Mort and Cameron. 17,920
Loangra, W. Alison. 10,240
Langford. G. L. Gibson. 38,400
Llangothan. C. Codrington. 51,850
Laura, W. Smith and D. Baker. 38,400
Moonaba, W. G and J. S. Ducat. 5,120
Macleay River Steam Works, J. Warne. 640
Mole River, J. Dickson and W. Dumaresq. 60,000
Mount Mitchell, T. S. Hall. 102,400
Mona Plains, A. F. Crawford. 16,000
Mihi Creek, J. Dickson. 20,480
Marengo, J. Brown . 19,200
Mount Mitchell, J. Barker. 16,000
Mihi Creek, G. Jenkins. 12,800
Mendowey Creek, J. H. Keys. 76,800
Mongola, R. and J. Logon. 40,000
Moredun, A. Wauchope. 76,800
Maronan, W. Rawson. 17,000
Maidenhead, G. Bowman. 115,200
Nullah Nullah Creek, J. Hinchcliffe. 11,520
Nowendock, Ebsworth and Co. 30,000
Newstead, M. S. Anderson. 71,680
Nuandle, Blaxland and Cooper. 70,000
Nullamona, G. Wyndham. 32,000
Oban, J. Dickson. 44,800
Ollera, G. J. and E. Everett. 74,800
Orrabar, J. Furd. 61,400
Ohio, A Nivison. 8,960
Peedee Creek, C. Ducat. 11.520
Paradise Creek, H. Dangar. 26,000
Pindari, A. Campbell and B. Buchanan. 60,000
Retreat, R. Pringle. 32,000
Ranger's Valley, O. Bloxsome. 70,000
Rimbanda, J. Stitt. 46,080
Rockvale, J. Dickson. 19,200
Stonehenge, W. Boyd. 17,920
Sherwood, C. W. and F. B. Briggs. 4,480
Stockyard Creek, Freeman and Gorham. 15,360
Seven Oaks, S. Oakes. 6,400
St. Leonard's, H. Salway. 32,000
Spring Mount, J. Gilchrist. 12.800
Serpentine River. S. W. Cook. 32,000
Saumarez. H. A. Thomas. 230,400
Sugar Loaf, E. Flood. 53,760
Sugar Loaf Extension, J. Milson, jun. 19,200
Strathbogie, H. Gordon. 64,000
Stoney Batter, Estate of G. Hail. 204,800
Stoney Creek, W. Kelly. 15,360
Salisbury, M. H. Marsh. 35,840
Shannon Vale. T. G. Rusden. 60,000
Surveyors' Creek, James Scott. 61,440
Scotch Town, J. Cheers. 140
Tatt's Station, A. C. Innes. 17,280
Tanban, W. H. Chapman and Co. 20,480
Toorunbee, W. H. and R. A. H. and K. R. Remp. 17,280
Toorookoo, Garland and Bingham. 14,720
Towal Creek. J. Warne. 32,000
Tyrnigham, J. Perrott. 16,000
Tarn. W. Buchanan. 16,640
Toryburn, C. Blaxland and J. Cooper. 23,000
Tiengah, Darby and Goldfinch. 80,000
Tenterfield, S. A. Donaldson. 180,000
Tilbuster, W. Dumaresq. 62,620
Tia, H. and R. Denne. 64,000
Tiara, J. Alexander. 16,000
Tiara, W. Murphy. 10,240
Terrible Vale, W. T. Taylor. 40,320
Tenterden, J. W. Cheeseborough. 64,000
Winterbourne, Daniel and King. 30,720
Wabbea, C. Kerr and F. G. and W. W. Panton. 21,760
Woodfield, E. W. Rudder. 3,800
Warwick, W. Smith. 3,840
Waterloo, J. Alexander. 32,000
Whitmore, O. Bloxsome. 51,200
Winscombe, A. Darby. 17,920
Wallarumble, T. S. Hall. 115,000
Waterloo, M. Mclntyre. 92,160
Ward's Mistake, W. Nowland. 81,920
Wellingrove, A. Campbell and B. Buchanan. 100,000
Wellington Vale, R. R. C. Robertson. 65,000
Walcha, Rundle, Chapman, and Dangar. 60,000
Yarrabandini, A. Chapman. 23,040
Yarrawel, J. Ferrier. 12,800 Yesaba, H. Salwey. 7,680
Yarrowich W., C. D. Fenwick. 30,400
Yarrow Creek, J. Dickson. 64,000
Yarrowich, H. Dangar. 51,200
Yarrowich E, C. D. Fenwick. 32,000
Yarraford, O. Bloxsome. 12,800
Oak Wood, W. Penson. 30,000
Glen Rock, A. Campbell. 16,000
Barry's Station, J. Scott. 16,000
Toggolo, R. Campbell and Co. 13,000
Morven, W. Rodgers. 16,000
New Valley, G. J. and E. Everrett. 15,360
Kangaroo Flat, G. King. 16,000
Paddy's Land, Newby and Sons. 16,000
Elsineur, G. W. Sutton. 12,000
Boura Boura Creek, A. K. Cullen. 16,000
Total. 7,123,580

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