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Carelessness and Laxity.

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Tuesday 9 January 1940, The Sydney Morning Herald

Rabbits on the Increase Throughout the State.


Rabbits are on the increase almost throughout New South Wales.

The generous season has enabled them to breed up rapidly, and there are complaints in many districts that insufficient attention is being paid to their extermination.

Nearly every rabbit inspector in the State has drawn the attention of his pastures protection board to the fact that rabbits are more numerous than they have been since the last good season.

On the northern tablelands and New England country the position is said to be getting steadily worse. At Armidale, more of the cottontails are in evidence than since 1937, and, unless they are checked in the near future, the position promises to become serious. Repeated warnings have been issued to landowners but some of them are quite disregardless of their responsibilities.

Very little work of destruction is being carried out in the Glen Innes district, where, according to the inspector, “the rabbits will be a serious menace when the amount of feed available has been reduced.”

At Inverell, also, the position is bad, but is occupying less attention because of the worse damage being done by grasshoppers.

Although conditions around Tamworth have been very dry, the rabbits are still breeding up, and owners will need to take them much more seriously than they are doing if they hope to escape punishment for their most apparent carelessness and laxity. Many owners have done good work, whilst others will not do anything unless driven all the time.”

Right up to the Queensland border the pest is very much in evidence and at Tenterfield little serious work is being done to destroy them.”

On the Upper Hunter and in the Denman and Gloucester districts breeding is going on apace, and numbers increasing.


Reports from southern coastal and tableland districts indicate a less serious infestation, yet the rodents are numerous and many land-owners are doing nothing to check them. “When dipping is completed ” says the Braidwood inspector, “owners will have more time to devote to the pest,” whilst at Bombala, ‘It. is hard to adopt full measures against owners at present because of the weather and fire dangers.”

At both Mudgee and Bathurst, although the pest is on the increase, good eradication work is being done.

In the Riverina, Wagga, Narrandera, Urana, Balranald, and Moulamein, all report increases the rabbits being afforded plenty of protection by saffron thistle and other plant growth. At Urana, it is said, trapping and poisoning are proving more effective than fumigating or digging out, as the burrows are not harbouring as many rabbits.

Hay and Hillston also record increases but so far the pest has not got out of hand there.

In the far-out Wanaaring country, the rabbits do not appear to be thriving, but at Walgett, Brewarrina, Menindie, Wilcannia, Milparinka, and Cobar, they are more numerous than for some considerable time, although it is expected that the hot dry weather will account for many of them.

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