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Tuesday 1 June 1909, The Sydney Morning Herald


GUYRA, Monday.

A deliberate attempt was made on Saturday night to wreck the Brisbane mall train to Sydney. Two sleepers were placed across the line about four miles north of Guyra in a cutting. The train dashed into them. One sleeper was cut into three pieces, and the other was carried in front of the engine nearly two miles.

Several police and black trackers are now on the scene. The first discovery was made on Sunday morning by Ganger Lavis, who, on going over the length between Guyra and Llangothlin found a sleeper laying beside the permanent way, having been caught by the cowcatcher and jammed down on the rail. Thus it had been dragged over three miles over the ballast. One side of the sleeper was worn half away. The cowcatcher was driven an inch and a half into the sleeper by the impact. This sleeper had evidently been laid across the rails. Lavis on going to four and a half miles from Guyra found another sleeper split into three pieces, a portion being in the four-foot way, and portions outside the rails. This sleeper had evidently been laid lengthways to keep the other sleeper in position.

The place where the sleepers were put on the line was a side cutting, with a cutting on the eastern side. The obstruction must have been put on the line after the passenger train from Glen Innes passed at 5 o’clock on Saturday evening. No other trains passed between that and the Brisbane mall. The 10 o’clock train had a miraculous escape, as the sleeper was jammed in a dangerous position, and might have swung under the front wheel of the engine and thrown it off the rails.

Senior-Sergeant Cook, of Glen Innes, with Guyra police and a black tracker were on the scene on Sunday, and found a man’s footprints at the place the sleepers were taken from, but so far no further trace of the perpetrator has been found. People residing in the vicinity of the scene state that no strangers were seen about there to cause suspicion. The whole thing is shrouded in a mystery. The sleepers placed on tho line have been taken out of a grip where they had been used for a water-table. They must have been put on the line after dark.

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