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Thursday 7 September 1911, The Sydney Morning Herald

WALCHA, Wednesday.

At a meeting of the local Farmers and Settlers’ Association a letter was received from Robbin Farmers and Settlers’ Association urging the construction of the railway via Walcha and Yarrowitch to the coast, but, after consideration, it was unanimously decided to reaffirm support to the Decentralisation Commissioner’s report regarding the Port Stephens railway, via Walcha; also to inform the Minister for Works of this decision.

The want of the railway here is still being keenly felt. Recently quite a train of trucks attached to a traction engine passed through to Yarrowitch for use in the timber trade.

Mr. Brownscombe, of Tamworth, has arranged with Thorsby’s, Limited, to convoy timber from the Yarrowitch mills to the hard road, and the engine will be used to bring it on from near Tia to Walcha road. The timber carriages are so arranged that the top of the vehicle can be put on to the railway trucks at Walcha Road without unloading. As there in about £8,000,000 worth of timber in the district, the hauling of it 30 miles to the railway line by bullock and horse teams is a rather slow process; and it is hoped that at least one section of the railway, Walcha to Port Stephens, will shortly be commenced, and thus aid the pioneers in this important industry. Other sawmills are preparing to start in the forest when some definite assurance is given that the railway will be started. There is sufficient power in the Apsley Falls (12 miles distant) to generate electricity for some huge undertakings, which are now mooted as possible, directly the railway is assured.

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