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Wednesday 18 March 1914, The Sydney Morning Herald

ARMIDALE, Tuesday.

A strike of side showmen occurred in connection with Armidale show yesterday, and at the opening to-day the ground was deserted of side shows, with the exception of a merry-go-round.

The showmen objected to the positions allotted them on the ground, as they were placed too far away from the ring. There wore about 30 of them concerned in the protest, and a union was formed to fight the matter out. The leader of the union stated that the price was fixed at 2s 6d a foot, which was very high for a country show, but they would not have objected to this price had the positions been satisfactory. They could not, he said, make a profit under these conditions.

There was great indignation amongst showmen, and several of them addressed meetings in the street last night, protesting against the action of the show society. A deputation representing showmen waited on the committee yesterday, but the society would not give way. The result to-day was that practically all the showmen erected their tents on the sports ground, opposite the show ground, and reduced their prices in order to compete against the show.

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