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Saturday 26 February 1938, The Sydney Morning Herald


Opening on March 14.

When the New England University College opens on March 14 for first year Arts students, it is expected that between 30 and 40 will be enrolled.

Male students will take up residence at the college whilst women students will live in hostels at Armidale, a mile and a half away. The official opening ceremony will probably be performed on March 30 by the Governor, Lord Wakehurst.

The control of the college will be exercised by the Senate of the University of Sydney, to whom Mr. T. R. Forster, of Abington, Armidale, in 1936 gave the beautiful Booloominbah property of 180 acres. This gift provided a definite starting-point for the movement initiated l8 months before to establish a University College and. ultimately, a University for the northern districts of New South Wales.

The Registrar of the University of Sydney, Mr. W. H. Selle, stated yesterday that the question of autonomy of the institution was one which only the future could decide; so much depended on the development made. A local advisory council would shortly be appointed, and Dr. Edgar Booth, the Warden of the College, would act as chairman.

The staff of the college, apart from Dr. Booth, will consist of five lecturers, three of whom have already been appointed. Dr. Duncan Howie will be lecturer of philosophy and psychology; Dr. J. R. Belshaw will arrange the history and economic courses; and Mr. J. M. Somerville will have charge of the mathematics and physics, one of the lecturers still to be appointed will teach Latin and English, and the other French and German.


The 10 subjects dealt with constitute the first year course in Arts. In 1939, first and second year courses will be undertaken, and in 1940 the third year of Arts will be added. By this time also it is hoped that a start will have been made in creating a science course and, possibly, an agricultural course.

Fees will be on the same scale as charged at the University of Sydney. The first terms of the two institutions will commence on March 14.

The appeal for £10,000 to finance the college was over-subscribed by £1,000. Further finance will be provided by the Government.

The building on the property with its 50 rooms was easily adapted to a residential college, and a gift of £2,500 by Mr. William Dixson last October ensures the foundation of a good library for the college, which will become the cultural centre of the north.

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