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Monday 19 May 1856, The Sydney Morning Herald

(From the Armidale Express, May 10.)

POPULATION OF ARMIDALE. – The census returns for the New England district are not yet fully revised, but we have been favoured by Mr. Bligh, C.P.S., with an approximate return of the population of the town of Armidale, as follows :-Males 499, females 359,-total 858.

LICENSES ISSUED AT THE ROCKY RIVER.-We are indebted to the courtesy of Mr. Skardon for the following interesting information in reference to the number of licenses lately issued at the Rocky River, and also the population located there : -“Number of licenses issued during April, 390 ; licenses issued up to two o’clock p.m. of Wednesday, 7th instant, 461. Number of men, women, and children, on the Rocky River gold field on 31st March last, 676. The above official information is correctly given, by permission of the Commissioner of Crown Lands for New England (B. C. Merewether, Esq.). – G. D. SKARDON”.

ROCKY RIVER. GOLD FIELD.-The news from the Rocky River diggings is good. A new place has been opened at Mount Harris, near the police barracks, where, we are informed, four ounces of gold have been procured from one bucketful of earth. The diggers generally are doing well. The population is fast increasing.

GOLD NEAR ARMIDALE -A Mr. Winstanley called at the Express Office a few days ago with about six grains of gold, which he stated he had washed out of a half-panful of earth procured about one mile and a half from Armidale. It is rather rougher than that usually found at the Rocky River. Any one can see it by calling at our office. Since then, a resident of Armidale, who had been prospecting about one mile from the Express Office, called with the gold he had procured from a handful of earth. It is uniformly fine, and would weigh about three grains. It is also in our possession. The Saumarez run, between Armidale and the Rocky River, also presents excellent indications of a good gold field.

GOLD FIELD NEAR MOUNT MITCHELL.-Our readers may recollect that the first number of the Express contained an account of gold having been found in paying quantities near Mount Mitchell. Mr. Henry Green, a brother of Mr. W. Green, the discoverer, called at our office yesterday, and favoured us with the following information ; -He was sent for by his brother after the discovery, he having more experience in gold digging. The two brothers have been working occasionally of late. In about eight days’ labour of one man they procured five ounces of gold, which Mr. Henry Green sold in Armidale yesterday. It is rough, of a granular form, a little water-worn. Our informant has had much experience in gold digging, having been at the Victoria, Bingera, Rocky River diggings, &c, &c. He is of opinion that the Mount Mitchell diggings will prove the richest in New England. He says there is both fine and rough gold, and that the former can be procured almost anywhere on the hills. He is further of opinion that from 10s. to £1 a day can be secured without any difficulty. Yesterday week he got three-quarters of an ounce, working by himself with a cradle, and carrying the stuff in a tin dish from some distance, where he had stripped off a foot of the surface. Fine gold was plentiful in the grass roots. Mount Mitchell lies to the eastward of Ben Lomond, near the head of the River Mitchell, a tributary of the Clarence. It appears that this gold field is about sixty-five miles from Armidale. Mount Mitchell is about seventy miles in a straight line from Grafton, which is the shortest route for parties from Sydney, &c, who have little to carry.

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