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Saturday 2 January 1926, The Sydney Morning Herald


Commenting on the information that it is the intention of the Public Works Committee to take evidence on the Guyra-Dorrigo railway early in the new year, Mr. D. H. Drummond, M.L.A., contends that whilst this fact is satisfactory as far as it goes the action of the Government does not go in any sense far enough. “The promise of the Premier at election time was ‘that the connection of the north-west with the coast would be carried out,’ “said Mr. Drummond, “That being so, the people of the north should clearly understand that they are being well fooled by the mere reference of the Guyra-Dorrigo railway, which is only a connection of the tableland with the coast, and leaves the north-west well out in the cold. As the matter now stands, it means that the rival routes of Guyra-Inverell and Glen Innes-Inverell will not be referred to the committee till the end of the 1926 session, in which case the report of the committee will not be made available to Parliament till late in 1927. This means that the enabling bill-assuming the report of the committee is favourable-will be dealt with by the new Parliament to be elected in 1928-that is, of course, if the present Parliament runs its full term. It is just possible that Mr. Lang intends to refer the rest of the proposal during the short session in the new year, but the manner in which he has side-stepped my questions on the subject does not inspire much confidence.”

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