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Friday 17 October 1919, The Brisbane Courier



GLEN INNES, October 10.

Matters regarding the Federal elections are being rapidly finalised in this electorate. There is a new element known as the Northern Party. The matter arises out of the North Coast separation movement, the object of which is to have the North Coast and a good slice of the north and north-west cut off and formed into a new State. Dr. Page is contesting the Cowper Federal seat, and, if elected, will shepherd the proposal through the Federal Houses. In the meantime an effort is to be made to return pledged separationist candidates in the four three-member electorates embraced in the proposed State, whatever the political view of the candidates may be; otherwise, it is stipulated that they shall pledge themselves lo support the separationist movement, the leaders of which are confident that the psychological moment has now arrived, and that within 12 months things will have assumed definite shape. In all probability the Northern Party candidates will run as independents, and may ally themselves with the progressives.

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