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Wednesday 27 December 1950, The Sydney Morning Herald

Letter to editor.

Sir,-In a broadcast this week a city dentist was quoted as stating that the condition of western schoolchildren’s teeth was very bad.

He said also that in many cases there had been no visit by a dental clinic for many years.

His remarks are true, and they apply also to the majority of country districts in N.S.W. The teeth of schoolchildren of all ages are deplorable.

To cope with the situation there are about ten dental clinics. Approximately eight are on duty in the city and two in the country. How can so few attend to half a million children?

One reason for the inadequate service is the difficulty in securing the services of dental officers for travelling clinics. This, in turn, is due partly to the fact that dental officers find it almost impossible to get accommodation in country towns while carrying out their duties.

Armidale. DENTIST.

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