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Incorporation of Armidale

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Thursday 14 May 1863, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale Express, May 9.)

INCORPORATION OF ARMIDALE -On Monday evening last a meeting was hold in the Court House, to consider the propriety of having Armidale incorporated. The following resolution was carried unanimously :-“That, in the opinion of the meeting, it was expedient that immediate steps should be taken for the incorporation of the town of Armidale, under the Municipalities Act.”

THE WEATHER – Since our last impression the weather has been variable. On Sunday afternoon rain again began, and it continued showery through a part of the night- After several frosts, there was a sharp shower of rain yesterday morning. The middle of the day was fine, but towards evening we had more rain, accompanied by thunder, and the sky had an unsettled appearance.

(From the Tenterfield Chronicle)

DEATH BY FALLING FROM A HORSE. – A sad and fatal accident occurred to a man named Michael Schultz on last Sunday week. From information we have received, it appears that the man left Dundee on horseback on that day for the purpose of going to Glen Innes, where he resided – a distance of sixteen miles. Nothing was seen of him until twelve o’clock next day, when a man named Sloman found him lying on the road about two miles from Dundee, in a state of insensibility. He was conveyed back to Dundee, where Dr. Duigan attended him. He never spoke from the moment he was found, but breathed very hard until Wednesday, when he expired. It was the opinion of the medical man that concussion of the brain was the cause of death.

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