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Saturday 7 March 1868, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale papers, Feb. 29.)

On Sunday there were several thunderstorms, and the Armidale Greek was bank high for a time. On Monday another thunderstorm put the creek over its banks in some places. Monday night and Tuesday were very cold, but since then the weather has been pleasant. Grass is abundant. — Express.

BUNDARRA.–The country all around Bundarra is looking most beautiful. Late rains have given an abundance of grass ; with that we shall have plenty of fat beef – Since my last, two horses, supposed to be Thunderbolt’s, have been brought into the pound from Abington run. One is a handsome bay horse ; the other is a chesnut, white face and three legs white. The chesnut’s white face has been lately blackened. Our police have returned.- 24th Feb., 1868.- Correspondent, Express.

INVERELL.– FEBRUARY 25.- Yesterday, information was brought into town that the body of a man and a horse had been discovered, near to each other, at a short distance from Reedy Creek; the man was aged, and had apparently been dead about three weeks. The body, when found, was in a recumbent position. The horse had evidently been starved to death, as it was observed fastened to a sapling by a dog chain. Upon the foregoing circumstance being known, Senior-constable Farnsworth immediately started to ascertain further particulars by an investigation. A three storied flour and saw-mills, has been erected at Spencer’s Gully, Byron, by Mr. S. N. Dark, formerly of Clarence Town, and which is in full operation. The time from commencing to completion of the building, was within six weeks. The flour mill has two pair of stones ; the saw mill eleven circular saws, of different sizes. The whole has been erected under the superintendence of Mr. Dark, without the assistance of either carpenter, engineer, or miller. There is not the slightest doubt but that success will attend the spirited enterprise – Correspondent, Telegraph.

BENDEMEER, — A correspondent of the Express writes that on Sunday, Feb. 22, a shepherd of Mr. Perry’s was missing, under rather suspicious circumstances — the flock being all in the yard and the dog fastened up in the hut, Mr. Perry, on hearing of this, proceeded to the station, where he saw a man mounted on a grey horse, and a boy on a bay or brown cob, with a small mob of horses bailed up against one of his sheep yards. The man was coming towards him, he thought with the intention of opening a slip panel to yard the horses. Mr. Perry called to him, and he immediately galloped off, followed at full speed by Mr. Perry and his servant, but Mr. Perry, recollecting he was unarmed, reluctantly gave up the chase, which for a few moments was quite as exciting as a native dog hunt. Mr. Perry’s man suggested that they should take the boy, so they galloped back to where they had left him, but be had disappeared, and the horses they found within a few yards of the station. The horses the man and boy were on, are supposed to have been those stolen from Mr. Gibson’s station a few days ago. A violent storm came up soon after, stopping the chase, and obliterating all the tracks. It is said that six horses have been missed from Bendemeer within a few days.

GLEN INNES. –We have had a couple of days of heavy rain, still from the eastward, and even now the weather, though showery, does not seem settled either one way or the other. – On Saturday, 22nd Feb., a race meeting was held, and the programme arranged ready for publication. – The Bank of New South Wales has purchased Mr. A. Fletcher’s new house for bank purposes. It is reported that Mr. Robey, the present manager, is likely to be removed ; if so, he will be regretted, from his courteousness and willingness to oblige. -Feb. 24, 1868.- Cor. Armidale Express.

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