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Tuesday 3 September 1872, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale Express, Aug. 31.)

It is reported in Armidale that two gentlemen resident here have supplied the cash to lease 1400 acres of mineral land on Strathbogie, near Tenterfield. It is stated that Mr. Elliott, late R. C. Schoolmaster, was the discoverer. We understand there has been a new discovery of mineral land some 90 miles to the west of Inverell.

The reputation of Kangaroo Hills as a tin country has been very fluctuating, and some have earned disparagement so far as to report it a ” duffer.” Nevertheless it has not been altogether disregarded, as a prospector in the present week brought thence to Armidale some specimens of supposed tin ore, which he showed to Mr J Moore. This gentleman, liking their appearance, carried them to Mr Herzog’s to have them tested. Mr H. being from home, Mr M. got a lad to prepare the furnace, and he then took a specimen of four ozs., which be melted-it was his first attempt-and obtained two ozs. of good tin and 12 or 13 globules of a yellow metal These he subsequently showed to Dr. Spasshatt and Mr. Wright, at Messrs. Richardson and Co.’s store, and both these gentlemen having submitted them to a chemical test, pronounced them copper. We saw one flattened out to the size of a threepenny piece. The metal appeared to be very pure. Mr. Moore has taken up a considerable area of the indicated locality.

On Tuesday we saw upwards of a cwt. of extraordinary fine specimens of lode tin ore from the Truro claim, at Cope’s Creek. They were in the possession of Mr. R. S. Jenkins, one of the partners in the claim. On the evening of the same day, packed in two canvas bags, they were forwarded to Sydney, as samples of the ore-producing capabilities of the claim. Some of the specimens contained a layer of pure tin within a crust of cement, and one piece, said to be from the wall of the reef, about three inches in thickness and from eight to nine square, was as much as one could manage to lift about with one hand. It appears to be only within the last few days that the lode was found, though it has been sought for over several months. It was discovered, we understand, in making a final prospect, and what it has yielded some four feet below the surface is said to be as rich as the best products of the Glen.

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