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Whirlwind Damage At Mungindi

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Tuesday 28 December 1954, The Canberra Times


A fierce whirlwind cut a swathe of destruction through Mungindi to-day.

The whirlwind raged for 20 minutes and caused £20 000 damage.

Mungindi (population 1,000) is on the N.S.W.-Queensland border.

The whirlwind ripped off the roof of Tattersall’s Hotel in George Street and flung roofing iron and tree branches about the streets.

More than 26 houses were unroofed and others were damaged.

Dozens of sheds and outbuildings were flattened and heavy wooden fence rails on the border bridge over the Barwon River were whipped into the air.

The storm snapped the town’s power supply and there was no power late to night.

The hotel and the unroofed houses, were covered with temporary canvas canopies. Huge sections of the northwestern, section of the State were blacked out during the storm.

At Tamworth, Radio station 2TM went off the air. Windows were smashed by hail and houses damaged.

Hail smashed windows at Willow Tree and partially unroofed houses.

A Werris Creek police officer said the dust was so bad during the height of the storm that he spent almost 10 minutes attempting to find his way to a building in the short main street of the town.

Hail caused widespread damage to crops throughout the area.

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