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The Minister for Justice at Tenterfield

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Monday 5 September 1898, The Sydney Morning Herald



The Hon. C. A Lee (Minister for Justice) addressed the electors at the School of Arts last night. There was a large attendance. After referring to the circumstances leading to his acceptance on the office of Minister for Justice, which, he said, had not necessitated sinking any of the principles upon which he had been returned at last general election, and referring to the unanimity that existed between himself and his colleagues on the federal issue and the general policy of the Government, he dwelt at great length on the federal resolutions now before Parliament, and said he did not wish to discuss the details of the amendments, but would show that the conciliatory exposition of them by the Premier would satisfy the other colonies that they were on a sound and fair basis, and were introduced in a manner which would enable the other colonies to honourably consider them. This proper start augured well for Australian union, which the Government would endeavour in every legitimate way to bring about. Any alleged fears as to the Premier’s sincerity had been silenced by his present action, and if the public had any doubts as to the federal composition of the Cabinet his (Mr. Lee’s) appointment as representative of the important Northern constituency where the desire for federation was pronounced should entirely remove them. He dwelt strongly upon the favourable attitude of the Premier of Queensland, and said he looked to that colony as the principal factor at this juncture in speedily accomplishing federation, and the favourable way the other colonies had received the resolutions justified the belief that the desire for union had not decreased. The meeting unanimously passed a resolution endorsing Mr. Lee’s acceptance of a portfolio, and pledging itself to support his re-election.

No opposition to Mr Lee’s candidature is mentioned.

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