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Tuesday 3 October 1876, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale Express. Sept. 29.)

During the past week we have been visited by glorious downpower [sic] of rain, which came just in time. The warm weather preceding those showers, which was of decidedly an unseasonable character, had so parched the earth that the farmers became somewhat anxious for their crops; such fears have passed away, and the whole district is now with verdure clad.

Another of the rapidly decreasing Hillgrove tribe of aborigines has passed away. On the morning of Friday last a female aborigine named Jenny Naillor was found, in the Black Camp in the rear of Mr. C. Moore’s paddock, in an unconscious state, and was brought in to the Hospital, by the police, where, despite the remedial measures that were applied, she expired the same afternoon.

An accident terminating in fatal results occurred on Thursday, the 21st inst. A man named Fred Thorpe, well known in Armidale, and who was formerly in the service of Mr. John Moore, J P , as a carter, was driving a heavily-laden return dray from Armidale to Mr. Coventry’s station at Oban, when, in ascending the Pinch, from some unexplained cause, the dray capsized, knocking down Thorpe, and rolling twice over his body – at least such is the explanation given by an aborigine who accompanied the dray-causing very severe internal injuries and fracturing one of his legs. The unfortunate man was brought in to Armidale and taken to the the Hospital, and the fracture reduced by Dr. Wigan, but the injuries received internally were beyond the reach of medical science, and Thorpe, lingered in a semi-conscious state until Friday morning, when he expired. The remains of Thorpe, who was respectably connected in Armidale, were followed to the cemetery on Sunday last by a large body of his friends and relatives.

On Tuesday the man John Jones, alias Burns, the soi-distant [sic] master of John Whalan, convicted at the last sitting of the Court of Quarter Sessions for receiving 91 head of cattle, the property of Jurd Brothers, of Orreba, was fully committed by the Bundarra Bench to take his trial at the ensuing sitting of the Circuit Court to be held on the 11th October, on the charge of cattle stealing.

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