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Saturday 2 August 1930, The Sydney Morning Herald

Wonderful Landscapes.


During a recent visit to Ebor I was much impressed with the possibilities of this part of the State as a tourist resort.

Ebor is 53 miles by road from Armidale, on the way to Grafton. The road is in excellent order in some parts, with the local shire council doing its best to improve the remainder, which is in fair condition; and when the council completes its work the whole trip will be most comfortable for motor driving.

Around Ebor and Guy Fawkes can be seen some of the most magnificent scenery in this State if not Australia. Through the placid little village of Ebor flows the river of the same name. It is never dry, and abounds with trout. It wends its way for about half a mile on one side of the township to the commencement of the wonderful Ebor Gorge. The two falls arc scenes of beauty, and in winter time are sometimes frozen, making a beautiful spectacle as they hang in huge icicles. The water from the Ebor eventually finds an outlet in the Clarence River. Around Ebor are various other streams-such as the Styx which are the trout fisherman’s paradise.


I had the pleasure of visiting Point Lookout, about ten miles from Ebor. As motor traffic cannot get to this beauty spot, our party did the trip by horseback on horses kindly supplied by the Turnbull family, of Kotupna station. Mr Thomas Turnbull was our guide and philosopher.

From Point Lookout, the highest peak in New England, being 5300 feet above sea level, a most expansive and wonderful panorama meets the eye. Although the day was not a particularly clear one, we were able to observe with (he naked eye the breakers rolling on to the beach at Macksville, about 40 miles away as the crow files. On a clear frosty day it is quite easy to see the boats that pass this beach.

To add to the beauty of the view, we had the mountain mist rising from one of the deep canyons on our left, while on our right the Bellinger and Nambucca rivers wended their way seawards.

The densely timbered country in the valleys below Point Lookout abound in brush turkey, lyre bird, wonga pigeons, and dingoes, to say nothing of death adders and other reptiles. In some parts there are many large cedar trees, but it is impossible to get them out to market.

The view, however, as regards expansiveness, ruggedness, and beauty, must compare more than favourably with views of a similar nature in any part of the Commonwealth. It reminded me of the Valley of the Thousand Hills, outside Durban, in South Africa. To anyone visiting Ebor or travelling from Armidale to Grafton, I unhesitatingly say, spend an hour and wander off the road to see the Ebor Falls, and if you can spare a day borrow or hire a horse and visit Point Lookout.

On the way to Ebor the tourist can also observe another wonderful view by going off the road for about a mile near Wollombi (sic) to see the famous gorge. Into this gorge the Wollombi River falls a distance of 1500 feet on one side, while on the other the Chandler River falls a similar distance.

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