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The Sandon County Electric Light and Power Works

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Saturday 27 October 1900, The Sydney Morning Herald


On Saturday last the International Railway Corporation, Limited, England, took over the Gara works, the reconstruction of the dam having been completed under the supervision of Mr. A. L, Cadogan, who is now permanently appointed by the new company as their works manager. From end to end the weir is 500ft. long, 18ft. high in the centre, and 24ft, wide on top, and is so faithfully constructed this time that should it be carried away again the log system may for ever be condemned for damming users such as the Gara. A huge smooth-faced rock, a rotten end bank, and a very sudden flood combined to effect the late disaster. The rock has been blown clean away, nothing being left only the butt, and to this the lower portion of that part of the weir which bears most of the strain is anchored firmly, and pinned down into this solid foundation ; the weir work is then continued for a considerable distance into the west bank, far beyond where it carried away, and to ensure against the face of the river bank fretting away a seawall has been built, bearing north up the river for a distance of 145ft. ; this is cross-timbered with stout poles, and is 22½ft. high, loaded and faced throughout 2¼ft. in depth with heavy stones ; this should dispose of the rotten bank trouble.

Everything, however, has now passed the speculative stage. The Gara scheme is in the hands of a powerful corporation, whose business it is to find a profitable investment for capital, so it only remains for Hillgrove, in fact the whole country of Sandon, from Guyra to Kentucky, to provide profitable employment for electric power; and the International Railway Corporation of London, which have now acquired the sole rights for the county, are prepared for a 5 per cent, return to lay out £50,000. The electric works at the Gara River, erected by the firm of Crompton and Co., have always been the wonder and admiration of everyone who has ventured down the falls to see them. The International Railway Corporation are prepared, and intend, to duplicate the whole of their lighting and power plant ; their general manager and consulting electrical engineer, Mr. E. J. Erskine, has sole charge ; his headquarters are in Sydney, but he visits Hillgrove at least once a fortnight, and it only remains for him to be satisfied as to the possibilities of extended employment for electric power, and he will soon show the capabilities of his company, even to the extent of erecting a complete steam plant, and keeping it always in perfect readiness to hitch on in case of a flood injuring the dam or a bush fire hurting the fluming.


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