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Wednesday 31 August 1949, The Sydney Morning Herald

Sir,-I question, the statement that, the disastrous flood at Kempsey was the result of heavy rain around the hills of the town.

This would contribute; but would cause a local flood. The cause of last weeks disaster was the heavy rains between Bellbrook, (30-miles west of Kempsey), Armidale, and Walcha.

Last Friday’s report in the “Herald” of heavy flooding at Armidale and continuous heavy rain plainly showed to any old inhabitant of the Macleay that a disastrous flood was imminent. The late Dr. Casement, of Kempsey, in the early 90’s forecasted that Central Kempsey (the main business centre) would one day be washed away. He cautioned the council against interfering with a belt of jungle scrub, about a mile above the town.

The council cleared the undergrowth away and subsequent floods did the rest. Huge fig and other jungle trees were uprooted and swept downstream. This disappearance of the scrub allowed the swift flowing currents of the succeeding floods to move more swiftly on to this portion of the town. Thus, man interferes.


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