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Wednesday 26 February 1851, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From a Correspondent of Bell’s life.)

These recreations, which have been looked forward to with much anxiety for some time, came off on Saturday, the 1st instant, at the head of Walcha Plain, and gave universal satisfaction. The day was a beautiful one, and the ground for the sports judiciously selected, being fine springy turf, at the head of a valley. The utmost decorum and good humour prevailed the whole day.

First prize of £2-for the best running hop, step, and jump – gained by Barton, Walcha.

Second ditto of £2-for the best running high leap – gained by Mr. F. Elliot, Emu Creek.

Third ditto of £2-for the best running leap – gained by Taife, Europambela.

Fourth ditto of £2-for the best standing leap – gained by John Walsh, Walcha.

Fifth ditto of £1 10s.-for the best putter of the 28 lbs. weight – gained by Robert Scott, Walcha.

Sixth ditto of £1 10s.-for the best thrower of the 28 lbs. weight – gained by Mr. Jamieson, Walcha.

Seventh ditto of £1 10s.-for the best thrower of the 15 lbs. hammer, with one hand, no turn round – gained by John Walsh, Walcha.

Eighth ditto of £1 10s.-for the best thrower of the heavy hammer, 28 lbs. weight, both hands, was not contested, the handle being broken at the first throw.

Ninth ditto of-for the best runner 100 yards heats-gained by Taife, Europambela. Six entered for this match, which was keenly contested between Taife and Mr. Snow ; but the latter was running under the disadvantage of a sprained ankle.

Tenth ditto of £2-a foot hurdle race, half a mile, 4 leaps, 3 feet high, was passed over, the day getting far advanced.

Eleventh ditto of £2-sack race, 100 yards gained by Barton, Walcha.

Twelfth ditto of £2-a. race catching a pig gained by Barton.

Thirteenth ditto of £3-a match at quoits gained by Gullidge, of Sydney, who seems a crack player.

Fourteenth ditto of £3 – a swimming match, 100 yards-gained by Gullidge, of Sydney. – This match was exceedingly well contested by Mr. Grant, of Emu Creek. Had the winner not adopted the aboriginal mode of swimming for the last 20 yards, viz., rolling, and throwing the hands forward out of the water, he would have been hard pressed by Mr, Grant.

The day’s amusements concluded with a horse race over a capital mile course ; open hack race for all horses that had never run for an advertised prize ; weight for age ; mile heats ; prize, £8. Six horses entered-gained easily by Robt. Scott of Walcha’s horse “Roderick.”

During the course of the day the ladies and gentlemen retired to a tastefully fitted up tent, where a sumptuous and elegant dejeuner a la fourchette was laid out. Abundance of all sorts, roast beef, &c, &c., was gratuitously provided by the spirited proprietors at Walcha, for the people contesting the games. The sports terminated at sunset with three hearty cheers, which made the hills and the welkin ring.

New England, Feb. 6,1851.

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