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Black lead; inquest; aboriginal speared; snow; mill prices

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Friday 2 July 1858, The Sydney Morning Herald

(From the Armidale Express.)

Black Lead, &c. – Mr.Lewis Markham has handed us a piece of quartz, containing a vein of black lead, of excellent quality, which can be seen at the Express Office. It was found lying in the yard at the rear of Dr. Markham’s property, in this township. A sample will be sent to Sydney, and as Mr. Markham has promised to hand us an account of the result, we shall have much pleasure in publishing it. Veins and specks of a glittering substance, somewhat resembling native silver, have been found in a quartz vein, a few miles from Armidale. It was at first thought to be silver, but, on a quantity being detached, it has been found to be too light for that metal. Some of the limestone recently discovered in Armidale has been burnt ; that it contains a considerable quantity of lime is evident, but it is doubtful if the percentage is rich enough to pay.

Inquest. – On Tuesday last, Dr. Markham, the coroner, and a jury, held an inquest, touching the death of Johanna Mason, aged seventeen months, then lying dead in the Armidale hospital. From the evidence it appears that on Monday, the 21st instant, Mason, his wife, and child, were travelling to Hillgrove, when they overtook a dray, and were invited by one Charles Selmes to get up, which they did. The dray then contained Turner (the driver), Mason, his wife and child, Edwards, and Selmes. When about eight miles from Armidale, and whilst the horses were walking, one of the wheels went upon a rock, and the dray capsized. The child received a severe bruise on the temple, and blood flowed from its mouth. It died in about ten minutes afterwards. Mrs. Mason had her collar-bone broken. The driver was sober, and the father acknowledged that he was not to blame, the capsize being accidental. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and exonerated Turner from any blame. Mrs. Mason, the mother of deceased, is now in hospital, and progressing favourably.

An Aboriginal Speared. – We mentioned in our last that a blackfellow had been speared. Since then he is doing well. We are informed by Dr. Markham that the spear (armed with five barbs) entered the right hip, struck against the head of the thigh bone, then traversed round the muscles of the thigh deeply, and finally lodged in the upper part of the perenium – thus traversing the fourth part of a circle. Dr. M. searched with a probe from the opening where the weapon had entered, and finding no portion of its head within reach, followed the course which the wound indicated, and in cutting down upon the part under the pubis, discovered the point of the spear, which he immediately extracted. We have seen the piece, which measures seven inches in length by an inch in breadth; it has four barbs. We have heard of many curious freaks performed by spent balls, but a straight piece of hard wood acting in this way is certainly remarkable. The man, we are told, was lying on the ground when speared. He jumped up and chased his assailant without success, and subsequently broke off the spear, which was evidently made for killing cattle. The aggressor has decamped.

Snow at the Macdonald. – We are informed that there was a heavy fall of snow at Bendemeer on Wednesday last. As yet there has been none in Armidale, though severe frosts are common.

Armidale and Uralla, Mill Prices, June 25.
– Allingham’s Mill ; Fine flour, 31s., if booked 1s. additional ; seconds, 29s. ; ration, 27s.
– McLean’s Mill : Fine flour, 31s. ; seconds, 28s. ; ration, 25s.
– Kirkwoods’ Mill : Fine flour, 33s. ; seconds, 31s. ; ration, 29s.

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