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Saturday 4 July 1857, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

(From the Armidale Express, June 20.)

June 11. – A sad event, which has cast a deep gloom over our little community, occurred here on Tuesday, the 2nd instant. The body of a young woman named Charlotte Clegg, servant to Mr. Hamilton, innkeeper, of this town, was discovered drowned in a well adjoining the premises, under circumstances which amount to the supposition that she bad destroyed herself. The unfortunate woman had been recently delivered of an illegitimate child, which appears to have been the cause of unsettling her mind and throwing her into a state of complete derangement; and ultimately led to the commission of the rash act. With feelings which do honour to humanity, a young married woman named Elizabeth Coonan proffered to take charge of the poor innocent rendered an orphan by this melancholy occurrence, and the infant was accordingly delivered to her, and under her maternal care is doing well. Although the circumstances of this poor girl’s death are wrapped in mystery, no coroner’s inquest was held on the body, which (to say the least of it) ¡s extremely unsatisfactory to the inhabitants of the place. [Assuming the above information to be correctly given, we are of the same opinion as the people of Walcha. We see comparatively little use for authorities in the back country districts if those deaths which are attended by ambiguous or suspicious circumstances, however minute the latter may be, are not properly investigated. – EDS. A. E.]

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