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Mr. Drummond’s Plea: “Pull Together”

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Friday 27 May 1932, The Sydney Morning Herald

BINGARA. Thursday.

Mr. D. H. Drummond, the Minister for Education, addressed a large gathering here in support of the United Country party candidate, Mr. Colin Sinclair.

He said that Australia was like a waggon badly bogged, to which five teams, with their leader, the Commonwealth, had been hitched, in an endeavour to pull the waggon out of the morass. The biggest team of all, New South Wales, had not only refused to join in, but had actually been hitching on to the back, and pulling in the opposite direction. The great issue for the electors was whether they were going to endorse the policy followed by the Stevens-Bruxner Government, of placing New South Wales alongside the five other teams, in a united effort to place Australia’s waggon on the high road to prosperity.

He emphasised the imperative necessity of a great constitutional reform that would prevent Langism ever having control of such an important State again. This could best be achieved by granting self-government to areas such as New England, and preventing political adventurers from pilfering the people’s rights by making it necessary for them to seek a straight-out mandate from the people by a referendum. No surer safeguard existed for the prosperity of New South Wales. Never again, in the history of Australia, should any State be allowed to become so polluted as to threaten to destroy the great ideal of Australia – one people, one flag, one destiny.

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