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Monday 22 September 1884, The Sydney Morning Herald


Sir,-Your correspondents from Guyra (late Mother of Ducks), on the Great Northern Railway, have informed you that a good deal of traffic has set in to that place. Of course all tin produced about Tingha, Stannifer, and Middle Creek goes there, and a good deal of the Inverell store and station supplies are also making for some place. But, you will scarcely credit it, little or nothing has been or is being done to the roads leading to it, which being as yet mere tracks in a state of nature, will soon be cut up, and after rains made almost impassable. May we, on behalf of the poor fellows who have to use them, ask your powerful help and aid in getting the powers that be to do something in time towards their improvement ? Again, we are sadly in want of postal, communication with Tingha and Inverell ; our letters only reach us once a week, and this in a round-about way. The Government have laid out a township, and are just about to sell same. It ought to have been sold ere this, so surely we are entitled to a post-office and mail. There is a good district round this place, and very little doubt, independent of the Tingha and Inverell traffic, a large amount of goods will be sent to and from. A post-office, I see has been gazetted for Inverella[1] Station (a most magnificent place on the line), and yet this place left out in the cold. By the way, the name given to that place – Inverella – is one that will yet lead to a deal of confusion in postal and perhaps goods traffic, and ought not to be retained, being only one letter different to the important town Inverell. You will much oblige us by a word in our favour. I had almost forgotten to mention that trucking yards for stock are and will be much wanted ; they have them at Booralong, a few miles distant, and I predict will seldom or ever be used there! Trusting for your aid,

I am, &c., GUYRA.

Great Northern Railway, September 13.

[1] Inverella Station (opened August 11th, 1884) was renamed to be Eversleigh Station a few months later, then again renamed to be Dumaresq Station (in 1888). GS.

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