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Death of Miss Doris White

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Tuesday 5 October 1926, The Sydney Morning Herald



Miss Doris White, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. J White of Saumarez Station, Armidale, died in the Armidale and New England Hospital three hours after receiving severe injuries as a result of her being knocked down by a taxi car driven by Robert Monckton. Miss White had just left the Town Hall, where she had assisted with a juvenile dance in aid of the funds of the Country Women’s Association. She got out of a car which her sister was driving, and walked in front of a big car. She was thrown heavily to the roadway receiving a fracture at the base of the skull.

The funeral, which took place to-day, was one of the largest seen in Armidale. The business houses were closed for the funeral, and people came distances of from 80 to 100 miles to attend. Among those present were the nurses and sisters of the Armidale Hospital where the deceased received her training during the war period. She was a great worker during the war, and the influenza epidemic, and voluntarily gave her services when the staff at the hospital was depleted. She was also a prominent tennis player and was a member of the Armidale team which won the Dunlop Cup at the Country Week carnivals in 1912-13 and 1922-23.

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