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Vain bid to save mother

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Monday 27 September 1954, The Sydney Morning Herald

A man was forced to stand by helplessly while his mother burnt to death at Lambing Valley, near Glen Innes, late on Saturday night.

The mother, Mrs. Annie Catherine Webber, 76, a widow, was alone in her house when fire broke out in the kitchen.

Her son, Eric Webber, 34, was about 300 yards from the house tending some lambs when he saw the fire.

He tried to enter the house to rescue his mother but was driven back by the flames.

He watched helplessly as the fire destroyed the house built of wood and iron.

Police believe that an overturned kerosene lamp caused the blaze.

Webber told police he had left the house only a few minutes before the fire broke out.

He said his mother was active for her age and was probably overcome by smoke while trying to put out the flames.

Only the two of them occupied the house.

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