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Mr. Drummond Criticised.

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Saturday 29 September, The Sydney Morning Herald


In a statement read at the declaration of the poll for New England to-day the defeated U.A.P. candidate, Mr. P. L. Cantwell, bitterly attacked the State Minister for Education (Mr. Drummond) for statements attributed to him in an advertisement during the recent Federal election campaign.

Mr Cantwell said that Mr Drummond’s statement, stripped of all humbug, was pure political misrepresentation and a challenge to the political honesty of all decent citizens. It was not, as Mr Drummond was alleged to have said, a statement made from the platform in the heat and excitement of the campaign. It was a deliberate statement published as an advertisement in the press in the New England and Calare electorates.

Mr R. N. Hickson, secretary of the Armidale branch of the Country Party, said that he resented Mr Cantwell’s statement. He agreed with every word Mr Drummond had said and the people showed by their vote that they concurred.

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