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Thursday 27 March 1890, The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

DIFFERENTIAL RAILWAY RATES.-Public feeling is very strong against the differential railway rates introduced some time ago by the Commissioners, and a public meeting has been held at which resolutions were carried protesting against the present system. In some instances it is cheaper to have goods sent on through Armidale to Guyra, and pay the freight back to Armidale, than to have them sent direct. This means 50 miles’ haulage for nothing, and unnecessary delay in transit. Having protested, it is to be hoped the people will hammer away until there is an alteration.

MINING.-Matters are quiet in this direction, owing to the very wet season experienced. The latest crushing from Baker’s Creek gave 192 ozs. from 190 tons. This is low, and although there is considerably grumbling in several quarters I believe the returns will show better results before long. At Melrose the result of the first crushing, which will take place shortly, is being looked forward to hopefully.

THE WEATHER.-We had some fine days last week, but on Saturday heavy rain fell, and the weather continues unsettled.

POLITICAL.-Rumour has it that there will he a large field at next election, which will include some local men. Mr. Inglis was well received throughout the district during his recent tour. The freetraders are waking up, and associations are being formed in the various centres of population to counteract the energetic protectionists, while the local papers are trying to play off the ” single tax” against freetrade, and to the advantage of protection, with the land owners.

Armidale, 24th March, 1890.

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