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District news: Death at Cunderang, storms, pests, shearing

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Saturday 2 December 1905, Clarence and Richmond Examiner (Grafton)

GUY FAWKES, Wednesday.

A man named Francis Stewart, for many years in the employ of Mr. Fitzgerald, of Cunderang Station, died very suddenly on the 15th inst. He was taking a load of goods to the station, and became suddenly ill. The youth who was with him went to Cunderang for help, and on his return found Stewart unconscious. They endeavoured to take him back to Newel’s accommodation house, but he succumbed half a mile distant. The Hillgrove coroner was away, so the Guy Fawkes coroner was sent for. He was also away. The police then sent for Mr. A. Waugh, J,P. (and ex-coroner) to hold a magisterial inquiry. It appeared at the inquest that Stewart had been under Dr. Casement’s treatment, suffering from a clot of blood on the spine. It was found that death was due to natural causes hastened on by intense heat. Mr. Fitzgerald speaks very highly of deceased, who was much respected throughout the district. Mr. A. Waugh had many difficulties to contend with on his return journey, the whole of the Big Hill being on fire and the cuttings obstructed by fallen timber in many places. Owing to the kindness of Mr. Chas. McNell, who came seven miles with a draught horse and axes, they reached the tableland in safety.

On Saturday a splendid storm, giving about on inch, fell over the district. On Sunday there was another storm and slight hail, and more fell on Monday and Tuesday. The district was in a bad state, and looked worse than during the drought, but will very quickly recuperate now. Stock on the whole look well.

Four hundred dairy heifers, from the Macleay River, going to Casino, passed on Sunday, and are a very good lot.

Hares and rabbits are on the increase, and all the landowners are waging a war against them with dogs and traps, the stock fences, blackberries, etc., all being burned off. Mr. Sabine, the Grafton Stock Inspector, was up and tried poisoning, but was not successful. Besides other pests, the dry year seems to have brought a tremendous quantity of grasshoppers, which are doing a great deal of damage.

Shearing is about over. The fleeces are very good this year.

The local. Rifle Club has increased its members’ roll to 50. A very good and central range has been obtained in Mr. Waugh’s racecourse paddock.

A meeting of the local branch of the M.U. I.O.O.F. was held in Mr. Hackett’s hall on Saturday night.

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