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Tuesday 23 September 1902, Clarence and Richmond Examiner

Mr. A. R. Crawford, of East Cunderang, writes in the “Macleay Chronicle” respecting the introduction of swamp couch to the Macleay. Owners of swamp land on the Clarence know the value of this couch, and as a fattening or milk and butter producing feed it is unsurpassed. In fact, there are few artificial grasses that are equal to it. By it the swamp lands are transformed into the richest pastures during the summer months, and the carrying capacity of these marshy tracts would not be credited by the grazier of the sterile country out west. Mr. Crawford recommends the introduction of Guinea Grass, stating he grew it in the 70’s. It grows 6 to 7 inches in 24 hours after being cut. and that in the heat of summer. It attains a height of 8ft., and should grow well on the coastal rivers. We notice that since the drought a number are advocating the growing of saltbush on the coast districts. What is sadly needed for the dry territory of Australia is a description of grass that will stand the drought, even though it may not have the fattening qualities of the couch. Experience is teaching the bitter lesson that a grass that will keep stock alive when a drought sweeps the sheep and cattle walks bare of herbage would be invaluable to the grazier. It is in this direction that our Agricultural Department might do a great deal of good. Our swamp lands are superbly grassed by the water couch and what is now required is a product that will clothe the higher pastures, and prevent them becoming the scenes of desolation they at present present.

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