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Bank in Armidale; Duffy again; Saumerez; Rocky Gold

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Monday 9 June 1856, The Sydney Morning Herald

(From the Armidale Express, May 31.)

A BANK AT ARMIDALE. – We are surprised that none of the Sydney Banking companies have thought of establishing a branch at Armidale. There is little or no fear of such an undertaking proving unprofitable to any energetic company ; and at the same time great advantages would accrue to the district at large from an establishment of this kind. It cannot be too strongly dwelt upon that the district of New England is at present in a more prosperous state than any other part of the colony. The gold fields of the northern districts are being rapidly enlarged ; and there is no prospect whatever of their being worked out for many years to come. The difficulties attending the establishment of a bank here would not be so great as those that have already been surmounted in the colonies. Branch banks are numerous on all the principal gold-fields of Victoria. Mails from Sydney arrive twice a week at Armidale-thus affording ready transit for unsigned bank-notes in any quantity, and also for any specie that might be required. If one of the Sydney banking companies would send an agent to Armidale, we believe they could soon be convinced of the profitable field open here for banking enterprise.

THE GAVAN DUFFY TESTIMONIAL. – The second public meeting of the friends and admirers of Mr. Charles Gavan Duffy was held at the Royal Hotel, Armidale, on Thursday evening last. Mr. Furnifull proposed the first resolution, as follows :- “That this meeting acknowledges the advent of Mr. Charles Gavan Duffy to the Australian colonies as an expected political benefit-therefore he should be received as a friend and benefactor”. The motion was seconded by Mr. Oxenham, and carried unanimously. The second resolution was proposed by Mr. Hamilton, seconded by the Rev. T. McCarthy, and passed with acclamation “That this meeting views with pleasure and delight the arrival of Mr. Duffy in these colonies, believing that from the fact of his possessing strong moral and social feelings, combined with a powerful intellect, and the circumstance of his having devoted these to the promotion of the great cause of civil and religious liberty, we cannot but anticipate much good from his presence amongst us”. The Treasurer reported the receipt of subscriptions amounting to ¬£66. Mr. Furnifull was requested by the meeting to act as corresponding secretary.

SURVEY ON SAUMEREZ. – We have great pleasure in stating that the District Surveyor is now laying out farm lots on Saumarez Creek, beginning at the old Wash Pool, a mile above Saumarez head station, and thence upwards. The lots will average 50 acres each, and will all have frontage on Saumarez Creek.

ROCKY RIVER DIGGINGS. – The news from the Rocky Rives continues excellent. A new lead, which promises to become very rich, has been opened near Mount Welsh.

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