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Dingoes in New England

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Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 – 1904), Tuesday 15 August 1899

Dingoes in New England.

The dingo pest, as experienced in the New England district, and especially in the neighbourhood of Hillgrave Falls, assumed such dimensions that landowners have had to combine for their own protection, and to this end a meeting was hold at Cooney Creek. A very large scope contiguous to Hillgrave Falls, mostly occupied by small holders, for years has been infested by dingoes. These dogs hide in the falls during the day, and visit the flocks by night.

Of late deaths have been very heavy, as many as 20 being killed out of one flock in one night. Some farmers have erected fences proof against dogs, but as others could not bear the expense, the dingoes were still enabled to carry on operations on a few holdings. On Castle Doyle the farmers fold the sheep every night, but this process entails an enormous amount of labor. It was decided that each farmer should contribute an equal sum of money towards the cost of completing the construction of a fence round the falls.

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