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Outrage by the Macleay Blacks

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The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 – 1893), Saturday 18 June 1864

Telegraphic Intelligence.

(From the Herald and Empire.)

Outrage by the Macleay Blacks.

On Sunday last about 50 Macleay blacks appeared on Gara, the head station of which is about 12 miles from Armidale. According to the information we have received, they went to a hut at an out station at Cooney’s Creek, and bailed up Mrs. Greves, one black standing over her with a tomahawk, while the others robbed the hut of flour and other articles. They also met a boy named Duberry, and, after robbing him of some tobacco, they halved his sheep and look away 400 or 500 to the edge of the Falls.

Mr. Edward Allingham, Jun., the superintendent, on receiving information of these outrages, went to Cooney’s Creek, accompanied by a stockman, and another man. When they came near a black ran from the hut, but on overtaking and threatening him he told them where the other blacks were. Mr. Allingham left him in charge of one of his men, and, in company with his stockman, galloped into the camp, scattering the blacks and shooting one of the dogs. The sheep being there, the blacks that remained were asked why they had taken them, when they said they did not want them ; they only wanted potatoes (of which there were some at the out station). They denied that they had guns, but eventually they delivered up four pieces. A fifth gun they had same trouble in getting a black to surrender.

In the camp were found two canisters of powder, one box of caps, some balls, and several blankets which appeared to have been distributed at Armidale. It is believed that the blacks had two other guns which were not got. None of the sheep had been killed, as the blacks said they were no good – not fat enough – but had Mr. Allingham been an hour later they would have been taken down the Falls, it is believed, and lost.

Armidale Express, June 11.

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