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Hillgrove Water-power and Electric Company

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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Saturday 10 February 1894


Sydney, February 9.

The Hillgrove and Armidale Water-power, and Electric Company having secured extensive water rights in the vicinity of Hillgrove to-day accepted the tender of the Crompton Electric Supply Company for carrying out an extensive electric plant, the motive power of which will be supplied from the Guyra River falls. The company will supply the Baker’s Creek and Eleanora gold mines, Hillgrove, with electricity for working the batteries, pumps, and concentrators, as well as supply the town of Hillgrove with electric lighting. The hydraulic plant will be supplied and erected by Mr. W. H. Palmer, of Melbourne. The electric plant will be one of the largest not only in the colonies, but also in the old country. The first cost will be £20,000.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Wednesday 14 February 1894


Last week a contract was signed with the Crompton Electric Supply Company of Australia Limited, of which Mr. K H Buchanan, A.M.I.C.E., is manager, for the construction of an electric and hydraulic plant to transmit power from the Guyra River Falls to the Hillgrove mines, a distance of five miles. The dynamos at the falls will be driven by Felton wheels. A constant current of 1500 volts potential will be conveyed thence by three copper cables to the Baker’s Creek and Eleanora gold mines. The whole of the power required by those mines will be supplied in this manner and there will also be a small plant for giving electric lighting. The water rights were secured by the Hillgrove and Armidale Water-power Electric Company under an Act of Parliament. The work now about to be put in hand has been delayed by the financial troubles of the past year. The total cost of the work, both electric and hydraulic, will be about £20,000.

Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW), Saturday 8 December 1894

Country Notes

At the spring show held in aid of the Hillgrove Cottage Hospital last week, Mr. Brain, the engineer supervising the works of the Crompton Electric and Hillgrove Water-power Electric Company, spared no expense and trouble to ensure successful lighting, which was certainly accomplished, lending a crowning effect to the dual interests under consideration. There was a large attendance from Uralla, Armidale, and surrounding districts. The proceeds for the two days amounted to £120.

Evening News (Sydney, NSW), Tuesday 3 December 1895


A Company Matter.


The matter of the Hillgrove and Armldale Water Power Electric Company, Limited, was before Mr. Justice Manning in equity jurisdiction to-day, on a petition by the Crompton Electric Supply Company of Australasia for a compulsory winding-up order. Messrs. A. H. Simpson and Langer Owen, instructed by Mr. W. G. Parish, appeared for the petitioners, and Messrs. Lingen and Wise, by Messrs. White and Wolstenholme, for E. W. Foxall, the voluntary liquidator of the Hillgrove Company, and for the company. The names of Messrs. White, W. H. Palmer, Foxall, Michellmore. and Professor Threlfall figure prominently in the petition. An application was made by the liquidator for an extension of time to file affidavits. Directions were given that the affidavits of Messrs. Palmer, White, Michelmore, Threlfall, and Foxall should be filed by the 10th instant, and all other affidavits by the 12th instant. The matter was then allowed to stand over to the 17th instant, to come on for hearing on that date, if the petitioners’ affidavits in reply were then filed. In the same matter application was made for security for costs on the part of the voluntary liquidator, on the ground that the Crompton Company was an English company. By consent £100 was ordered to be paid into court without prejudice to the right of the company to apply for further security if necessary.

The Canberra Times (ACT), Wednesday 30 April 1958

Visitor Studies History Of Hydro Schemes

Mr. J. Pinto, of Newcastle, accompanied by his wife, visited Canberra yesterday and spent much time in the Australian section of the National Library.

He located the record of a special Act of Parliament which gave permission for the setting up of a hydro-electric scheme at Hillgrove, near Armidale, in 1893.

Mr. Pinto said yesterday that this was the first hydro-electric scheme in the Southern Hemisphere.

It was established by Crompton and Company of England, and later taken over by his father, who ran it for 25 years.

The Act, which was assented to on March 10, 1893, enabled “the Hillgrove and Armidale Water-Power Electric Company to construct and maintain works and other appliances for the making, generating and transmitting of electricity, and the supplying the same to any city, town, mine, company or persons within the county of Sandon and the colony of New South Wales.”

Mr. Pinto said that the hydro-electric scheme which Launceston was claiming was the first, was established in 1895.

He will leave Canberra to-day on his way to visit the hydro-electric scheme in the Snowy Mountains.

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