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Benefactor to Armidale and New England Hospital

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Daily Mercury (Mackay, Qld), Tuesday 4 September 1934

Mr. Francis John White, of Saumarez station, near Armidale (N.S. Wales), who died last week, was one of the greatest benefactors to public and charitable bodies that the New England district has known. The Armidale and New England Hospital was his special care, and he has donated thousands of pounds for its development. In memory of his daughter, Miss Doris White, who was, accidentally killed some years ago; he gave a children’s ward, known, as the “Doris White Memorial Ward.” He made it a practice of’ giving a cheque for £5 to every trainee of the hospital nursing staff when she passed her examination, and he regularly visited the institution to distribute gifts to the patients. He had been president of the Armidale and New England P. A. and H. Association for many years, president of the Hospital Board for 20 years, and a member of the Pastures Protection Board for 24 years. Colonel H. F. White, former M.L.C., is a son. and Miss Mary White, president of the northern group of the Country Women’s Association, Mesdames Cullen (Sydney), and Black (Orange) are daughters.

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